Free Boiler Grants Middlesbrough

Free Boiler Grants Middlesbrough
At Duoserve, we use our 20+ years of experience in the energy sector to give customers the information they need. We help customers gain access to government grants for new boilers Middlesbrough, and other important home-energy improvements.

Providing advice on government grants and energy schemes

For those who are eligible, the government has some fantastic schemes and grants, like free boiler grants Middlesbrough. We know that it can be difficult to understand which grants you are eligible for, or how to even claim a new boiler grant Middlesbrough.

Therefore, as part of our service we help you understand which grants are suitable, and how you can gain access to them. For example, we can help you gain access to the government boiler replacement scheme Middlesbrough.

Helping you improve your home-heating systems

It is surprising how many people still live with sub-part or ineffective heating systems. They may, for example, have an old boiler that isn’t efficient. Alternatively, their walls may not have insulation. There is a variety of services that can improve your basic home-heating – like a boiler grant Middlesbrough.

Free boiler grants Middlesbrough is just one of the improvements Duoserve can install. We also offer improvements like external wall insulation, internal wall insulation, and source heat pumps. All of the services we offer, we look at relating grants and schemes to help reduce the cost, or even get you free installation.

Reducing energy bills through heating improvements

We understand that any reduction in monthly bills can help improve our customer’s quality of life greatly. Therefore, we look at the different schemes and grants like government grants for boilers Middlesbrough, to see which would benefit you the most.

The aim is to reduce your bills, whilst still providing a quality heating system that will last for many years. Whilst some schemes like grant boilers Middlesbrough can indirectly help reduce costs, other measures like wall insulation and source heat pumps can make a direct contribution. We have described our services in greater detail below:

Free Boiler Scheme – Duoserve provide grant boilers Middlesbrough for qualifying homeowners. You may be entitled to a free boiler Middlesbrough if you meet the following criteria – first, you must own your property. Second, you must have a boiler that is 6 years or older. Finally, you must receive some type of benefit like – pension guarantee credit, income support, tax credits, child benefit, universal credit, disability benefits. The free boiler scheme Middlesbrough is a great government incentive that can help give you a better heating system.