Is my home suitable for a Heat Pump?

Does my home need to be well insulated to have a Heat Pump installed?

Since ground source heat pumps work best when producing heat at a lower temperature than traditional boilers, it is essential that your home is well insulated for the heating system to be effective. If you are unable to insulate your house for a particular reason (i.e Listed Buildings), then a higher capacity heat pump ca be specified or a heat pump with a higher temperature output can be installed.

Is my garden big enough for a Ground Source Heat Pump?

Your garden doesn't have to be particularly big, but the ground needs to be suitable for digging a trench (horizontal loops) or a borehole (vertical loops) and be accessible to digging machinery. 

Are grants available to reduce costs further?

Yes, the government introduced Renewable Heat Incentive for ground source heat pumps installed in domestic buildings at 18.8 p/kWh on 9 April 2014. The current price is at 20.89 p/kWh 

Will it really save me money compared to my current fuel costs?

The system will pay for itself much more quickly if it's replacing an electricity or coal heating system. Heat pumps may not be the best option for homes using mains gas. You can save even more money and also carbon emissions by generating electricity through solar which will run the heat pump. Potentially, this could mean your property produces zero carbon emissions