LA Flex (Local Authority Flexible Eligibility)

LA Flex (Local Authority Flexible Eligibility)

Are you NOT in receipt of any of the qualifying benefits? 

Don't worry as you may still qualify under your Local Authority Flexibility Scheme (LA Flex)

But what is the Local Authority Flexibility Scheme? 

Local Authority Flexible Eligibility, often know as LA Flex, is a part of the UK Government’s new phase of the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) ECO3. Under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) Help to Heat flexible eligibility, obligated energy suppliers will be able to use the ‘flexible eligibility’ mechanism for up to 25% of their ECO Affordable Warmth obligation by installing energy saving measures in premises that have been declared eligible by local authorities.

Participating local authorities will have to ensure these are households living either in fuel poverty or living on a low income and who are particularly vulnerable to the effects of living in the cold. This allows more residents, in addition to those claiming benefits, to qualify for ECO funding, often on the basis of low incomes, health, age or area, giving councils the ability to support specific communities. 

Each council will hold their own Statement of Intent (SOI) which outlines the guidelines of how someone would qualify under their scheme. The criteria changes with each Local Authority so you will need to specifically check your own council to see if you could qualify for any heating or insulation measure.

Please see click on the link below to see if your council is participating (Updated as of 5th February 2019)

If you cannot find your local council, you can search the internet by the council name and statement of intent i.e "(your area) city councils statement of intent". If you have any issues or cannot find your local council's SOI, please get in touch and we will see if we can help you via our Contact Us page.